Title Services


Title Services in Morristown, TN

As your closing agent, Lakeway Title Services will make certain that all the small details are carried out in a precise and timely manner in accordance with state and local laws.
Some of the details include:

  • obtaining a title examination on the contracted property
  • ensuring the seller has a marketable title and the buyer has a clear title to the property
  • all the lender’s instructions are met
  • working with real estate agents to ensure all of your needs are met
  • obtaining and carrying out loan payoffs
  • title insurance premiums
  • proration of taxes (including the payment of all delinquent taxes)
  • confirming the distribution of incoming funds with the buyer and seller
  • prepare and execute warranty deeds, quit claim deeds, trust deeds, promissory notes, land contracts

Lakeway Title Services is an authorized agent through First American Title Insurance to provide you with owners and lenders title insurance.

Abstract Title

Lakeway Title Services will perform an “abstract of title,” which entails searching the county’s real estate records for that specific piece of land. The abstract will determine a property’s legal owner, along with any mortgages, liens, judgments, or unpaid taxes that must be paid off before the property may be transferred, and any easements, limitations, or leases currently influence the land.

After the abstract is finished, the title company will provide the lender or potential buyer with a “Title Opinion Letter” or, if a title insurance policy is to be granted on the property, a “Commitment of Title Insurance.” Before the buyer can acquire a “good title,” everything that has to be done and any issues that need to be fixed will be specified in both the title opinion letter and the title insurance commitment. The title insurance provider will complete all required paperwork and accept responsibility for fixing any errors. The parties are prepared to exchange documents and “close” the deal once these steps have been completed.